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University departments shall provide employees adequate personal protective equipment where necessary in the performance of their duties. Departments shall determine and document what constitutes adequate personal protective equipment (PPE) through completion of a job hazard assessment or development of a standard operating procedure (SOP). Adequate PPE shall be provided to employees at no cost, including replacement resulting from regular use. All required PPE items identified during the hazard assessment or in the SOP will be reviewed by the Emergency Management Coordinator and EH&S and/or the Unversity Safety Committee before purchase. Departments shall ensure that employees are adequately trained and that assigned PPE is worn when hazards are present.

Employees shall be expected to use assigned PPE when called for by the hazard assessment, standard operating procedure, container label, or material safety data sheet. PPE shall be maintained by the employee in a clean, sanitary and usable condition and all PPE failure shall be reported to the supervisor immediately.

Visitors shall be provided appropriate PPE when visiting a hazardous area and they are expected to comply with this policy.

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Environmental Health & Safety

Laboratory Hazard Assessment and PPE Selection Form 010716 (1).docx (57 kB)
Laboratory Hazard Assessment and PPE Selection Form