Implementation of a re-designed pre-departure training program for global health advanced pharmacy practice experiences

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning


Background and purpose: This article describes the re-design and preliminary impact of a pre-departure global health training program for nine advanced pharmacy practice experience (APPE) sites. Educational activity and setting: The program was re-designed from a half-day orientation to a six-week (six-hour total) program. Students explored global health, cultural competency, adaptability, safety, and travel logistics. The program's impact on student learning was indirectly assessed using closed- and open-ended items on pre- and post-program surveys. Students reported self-perceived agreement with eight statements regarding travel logistics and 17 statements regarding global health. Findings: Fifty-five students took the pre-course survey, and 47 students took the post-program survey for response rates of 100% and 85%, respectively. Students indicated significant change on 23 out of 25 statements, demonstrating meaningful improvements in agreement in both global health, logistics, and safety. Students were most interested in learning about travel logistics and healthcare information about their specific country upon entry into the program. At the conclusion of the program, students most often reported learning about cultural competency and adaptability. Most students reported no remaining questions. Course design, delivery, and assessment experience was provided for two academic postdoctoral fellows through the implementation of the re-designed program. Students perceived improved understanding and comfort with global health concepts and travel logistics after the pre-departure program, despite the diverse nature of rotation sites covered. More research is needed to understand what impact a pre-departure training program has on the overall global health student experience.

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