Reconsidering Pharmacy: We Need to Turn Career Regret into Career Options

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American journal of pharmaceutical education


Declining interest in pharmacy as a career is a growing concern. This commentary investigates the factors contributing to career regret among pharmacy graduates, based on data from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP) National Graduating Student Survey. We identify three key contributing factors: workplace environment, professional identity formation, and marketing of the Doctor of Pharmacy degree. We argue that students' observe, in many work environments, a lack of autonomy, repetitive tasks, and unfulfilling work. This leads to diminished job satisfaction and disillusionment. Additionally, marketing tactics and curricular structures can inadvertently contribute to career regret. We propose potential interventions, emphasizing the need for improved working conditions, more versatile roles in pharmacy, and enhanced career development services within colleges / schools of pharmacy. Additional research is needed to fully understand career regret and steps that academic institutions can proactively take to mitigate career dissatisfaction among their graduates.

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