Development of a Global Health Learning Progression (GHELP) Model

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Pharmacy (Basel, Switzerland)


There has been a steady increase in global health experiential opportunities offered within healthcare professional training programs and with this, a need to describe the process for learning. This article describes a model to contextualize global health learning for students who complete international advanced pharmacy practice experiences (APPEs). Students from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Purdue University, and the University of Colorado completed a post-APPE survey which included open-ended questions about knowledge, skills, and attitudes one week after completing an international APPE. Students were also invited to participate in a focus group. All 81 students who participated in an international APPE completed the open-ended survey questions and 22 students participated in a focus group discussion. Qualitative data from both the survey and focus groups were coded in a two-cycle open coding process. Code mapping and analytic memo writing were analyzed to derive to a conceptual learning model. The Global Health Experience Learning Progression (GHELP) model was derived to describe the process of student learning while on global health experiences. This progression model has three constructs and incorporates learning from external and internal influences. The model describes how students can advance from cultural awareness to cultural sensitivity and describes how student pharmacists who participate in international experiential education develop global health knowledge, skills, and attitudes.



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