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The State of Missouri has legalized the cultivation, possession, dispensing, distribution, sale, and use of marijuana for recreational use and treatment of specific diseases and chronic illnesses by patients upon the recommendation of a Missouri licensed physician and receipt of a valid Missouri registration card. Missouri and other states’ laws that legalize medical and/or recreational marijuana conflict with University (UHSP) policy and the federal Controlled Substance Act, which classifies marijuana as an illegal drug. The University of Health Sciences & Pharmacy ("UHSP"), as a recipient of federal funding, is required to maintain policies that prohibit the unlawful growth, possession, use, distribution, or sale of marijuana or other illicit drugs and drug paraphernalia on University owned or controlled property or in connection with any University sponsored activities and programs.

This policy makes it clear that UHSP must enforce its' drug abuse prevention policies regardless of conflicting policies at other institutions or the laws in another state or foreign country. UHSP reserves the right to impose discipline up to and including separation for employees or students who violate its’ substance abuse policies. UHSP may also notify professional licensing boards and law enforcement authorities of drug related incidents depending upon the circumstances.

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