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Events such as conferences, symposiums, lectures, performances, meetings, student events, and exhibits allow University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis to showcase the work and accomplishments of the faculty, staff, students and alumni, foster a sense of community and put into action our mission to serve St. Louis and the surrounding community. These events provide a wonderful opportunity for the campus community and visitors to experience first-hand the wide range of our scholarly and cultural programming, as well as experience the beauty of the campus. By following these guidelines, we can maximize the use of college resources, avoid scheduling conflicts, promote the positive image of the University and ensure that faculty, staff, students, and guests have a memorable experience.

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Institutional Events

Event Service Matrix 7.15.19 (1).docx (24 kB)
Event Service Matrix

Event Planning Handbook 7.15.19 (4).docx (147 kB)
Event Planning Handbook

Event Breakdown Form (2).docx (14 kB)
Event Breakdown Form

Event Planning Checklist and Timeline 6.29.19 (2).doc (88 kB)
Event Planning Checklist and Timeline