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Social media is in a constant state of evolution. From new platforms being introduced to algorithms changing what it means to be found and successful, much effort goes into maintaining a strategic and effective social media presence.

It is easy to create an account, but difficult to tell a compelling story, stay relevant, maintain a two-way conversation with your audience and stay on brand. And with the commitment that a social presence requires, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy must be smart about where, how and through what groups it engages on social platforms.

This policy outlines UHSP’s social media purpose and provides guidance around how to manage official University social media accounts to ensure a strong and consistent social presence. To do so, great care must go into determining who, how and in what ways we represent the University across social media.

Responsible Party

Marketing and Communications

MAR2304_Social_Media_Decision_Tree.pdf (47 kB)
Social Media Decision Tree

MAR2304_Guide_Social Account Registration (1).pdf (171 kB)
Social Account Registration

Platform Guide - Facebook.pdf (9510 kB)
Platform Guide - Facebook

Platform Guide - Instagram.pdf (8873 kB)
Platform Guide - Instagram

Platform Guide - LinkedIn.pdf (5124 kB)
Platform Guide - LinkedIn

Platform Guide- Twitter (X).pdf (2979 kB)
Platform Guide - Twitter / X

MAR2304_Guides_Social Media Resources.pdf (47 kB)
Social Media Resources