Unmet Medical Need as a Driver for Pharmaceutical Sciences – A Survey Among Scientists

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Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences


Historical antecedents of pharmaceutical sciences are sound on product orientation based on (analytical) chemistry, drug delivery and basic pharmacology. Over the last decades we have seen a transition towards a stronger disease orientation. This raises questions on whether, how and to what extent unmet medical need (UMN) is important in priority setting, funding and impact in pharmaceutical sciences. An online survey in 2020 collected perspectives of internationally recognised pharmaceutical scientists (N = 92), mainly from academia and industry, on drivers and influencing factors in pharmaceutical sciences. The study offers a unique global perspective, demonstrating a solid command of the global needs in pharmaceutical sciences. The survey revealed that UMN is currently seen as one of the three most important drivers, also in addition to emerging trends in science and opportunities driven by collaboration. There are expectations that UMN's impact becomes more influential. This was consistent for both industry and academic respondents. The majority of respondents also indicated that anticipated lessons learned from COVID-19 will strengthen the impact of UMN on science and leadership. This is important as prioritisation of research towards UMN can address the clinical needs where needed the most.

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