Balint's syndrome with neglect and metamorphopsia caused by hyperglycemia-induced partial epilepsy

Giovanni Mancini, Ospedale G.B. Grassi
Giovanni Pauletti, Ospedale G.B. Grassi
Andrea Gentile, Ospedale G.B. Grassi
Luigi Sinibaldi, Ospedale G.B. Grassi


A 59 year-old woman affected by nonketotic hyperglycemia presented recurrent episodes of metamorphopsia and Balint's syndrome (simultanagnosia, psychic paralysis of gaze, optic ataxia) with left neglect. The neuroradiological and vascular ultrasonographic examinations were normal, whereas an intercritic EEG showed epileptiform abnormalities in the central-temporal-occipital regions, with a trend to contralateral diffusion. Only few reports exist about a non-lesional origin of either the Balint's syndrome or the neglect. In our case we suppose a pathogenetic role of the partial epileptic activity registered bilaterally in the parietal-temporal-occipital regions, likely induced by the nonketotic hyperglycemia.