A Selective ERRα/γInverse Agonist, SLU-PP-1072, Inhibits the Warburg Effect and Induces Apoptosis in Prostate Cancer Cells

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ACS Chemical Biology


The estrogen related receptors (ERRs) are a subgroup of nuclear receptors that play a role in regulation of cellular metabolism. Prostate cancer (PCa) cells display altered metabolic signatures, such as the Warburg effect, and the ERRs have been implicated in driving this phenotype. Despite the lack of a known endogenous ligand, synthetic ligands that target the ERRs have been discovered. For example, the ERRα inverse agonist XCT790 modulates metabolic pathways in PCa cells, but it also functions as a mitochondrial uncoupler independent of targeting ERRα. Here, we describe a novel dual ERRα/γinverse agonist, SLU-PP-1072, derived from the GSK4716 ERRγagonist scaffold that is distinct from the XCT790 scaffold. SLU-PP-1072 alters PCa cell metabolism and gene expression, resulting in cell cycle dysregulation and increased apoptosis without acute mitochondrial uncoupling activity. Our data suggest that inhibition of ERRα/γmay be beneficial in treatment of PCa, and SLU-PP-1072 provides a unique chemical tool to evaluate the pharmacology of ERRα and ERRγ.

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