Assessment of a multi-institution integration of cultural competency activities

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning


Introduction: To meet educational standards and provide effective patient care, student pharmacists must be well-prepared to interact with a diverse patient population. Thus, the objective was to assess the effectiveness of four different active learning strategies in enhancing the cultural competency (CC) of student pharmacists at multiple institutions. Methods: Across two years, eight colleges/schools of pharmacy integrated two sets of CC activities with different student cohorts (first-third professional year) that were designed to address different aspects of CC. Pre- and post-activity, a modified electronic version of the Clinical Cultural Competency Questionnaire (CCCQ) that included the addition of activity-specific questions was distributed to students. Results: A total of 1009 students participated in these activities across eight colleges of pharmacy. The integration of activities resulted in significant increases in most items on three of the four subscales of the CCCQ (knowledge, skills, and encounters/situations). Items on the attitude subscale remained the same. Students also felt the activities were beneficial in addressing their intent. Conclusions: Faculty were able to incorporate these activities throughout their respective curricula with minimal time commitment and resources. The activities improved student perceptions of their CC knowledge, skills, and ability to handle encounters and situations. These activities may be useful for other institutions as they determine the best approach to improve student CC and prepare them for practice.

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