Impact of an online self-paced lecture to teach primary literature evaluation to second professional year students

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning


Background: An introductory primary literature evaluation lecture (drug information [DI] lecture) was historically presented with a traditional in-class lecture during a pharmacotherapy course. During a 2009 semester, the DI lecture was available online only. This study sought to determine whether online lecture use correlated with student performance and/or contributed to knowledge retention. Methods: Students viewed the online lecture, completed four assignments, and answered questions on course examinations. Lecture viewing time was analyzed in relation to examination, homework, and final course grades. Students were surveyed with regard to their opinions on the online lecture. A knowledge inventory was given at the beginning of the subsequent semester to determine retention of DI lecture knowledge. Examination and knowledge inventory scores were compared with a historical control group. Results: Little correlation was found between minutes viewed and examination 1 (r = 0.149), examination 2 (r = 0.185), examination 3 (r = 0.062), final examination (r = -0.05), course grade (r = -0.0148), and homework assignments (r = 0.0114) (n = 101). Examination grades were higher in the 2009 group versus the control group (p = 0.04). The knowledge inventory revealed that the 2009 students outperformed the control group on 80% of questions. Seventy-three percent of students rated the online lecture as very or extremely helpful with homework, and 46% reported it similarly for examination preparation. Conclusion: Online lecture viewing time did not correlate with student performance on homework, examinations, or course grades. Spring 2009 students did outperform the historical control group on examination questions and on 80% of inventory questions. Overall, students rated the online lecture favorably. © 2011 Elsevier Inc.

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