Evaluation of an individual examination remediation policy in a professional pharmacy course

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning


Introduction: Maintaining institutional remediation policies is required for pharmacy education accreditation, but specific policies and students' perceptions of remediation are not well described in the literature. The purpose of this research was to determine whether the individual examination remediation policy utilized in a biomedical literature evaluation course was a viable approach to ensuring positive student experiences and success. Methods: This study utilized a pre−/post-quantitative survey design. An 11-item pre-remediation questionnaire was offered to all students enrolled in the course in 2022. A matched post-survey was administered to students eligible to remediate individual examinations. Survey items were assessed using a five-point Likert rating. Remediation examination grades were analyzed in aggregate. Descriptive statistics were utilized as appropriate. Results: One hundred of the 108 (92.5%) enrolled students completed the pre-remediation survey. Students strongly agreed they would prefer to remediate individual examinations instead of taking one cumulative course remediation examination (median 5) and that remediating would improve their understanding of course material (median 5). Nineteen (44%) of 43 students eligible for individual examination remediation chose to remediate, and 16 (37%) responded to the post-remediation survey. Among those eligible, the most common reason for remediating was desire to receive a better score. Significantly more students improved their examination scores through remediation. Conclusions: Students in the course preferred to remediate individual examinations, but only 44% of students eligible to remediate chose to do so. Future studies with larger sample sizes and course outcome data are warranted to further explore examination remediation in professional pharmacy courses.

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