Identifying Student Research Project Impact Using the Buxton and Hanney Payback Framework

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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education


Objectives. To determine whether evidence of the impact of student quality improvement projects and research projects on practice sites and the community can be identified using the Buxton and Hanney Payback Framework (BHPF). Methods. The BHPF was used to identify the broader impact of quality improvement projects and research projects conducted by the Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) class of 2020. The BHPF includes five domains of community impact: knowledge production, benefits to health or the health sector, benefits to future research, economic benefits, and policy and product development. Data were collected by having project preceptors complete a questionnaire and by reviewing student project posters. Data were analyzed by calculating frequencies and percentages for each domain. Results. Projects (N=73) were completed by 107 pharmacy students at health-system sites, community sites, academic sites, and other sites, and most often involved clinical care and pharmacy services (49%). Thirty-three preceptors (55%) responded to the questionnaire, and 73 project posters were reviewed. The most frequently identified impact types were knowledge production (n=43 for questionnaire, n=24 for posters) and health/health sector benefits (n=46 for questionnaire, n=8 for posters). Less frequently identified were economic benefits (total n=19), benefits to future research (total n=13), and policy and product development (total n=10). Conclusions. This study provides evidence that the impact of PharmD student quality improvement and research projects on practice sites and communities can be identified using the BHPF framework, and this impact extends beyond the usual academic outcomes of poster presentations and publications to include benefits related to improving quality of services, improving workflow, and providing opportunity for personal development.



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