Educating Pharmacists in Quality (EPIQ): Recipient, academy for healthcare improvement 2015 duncan neuhauser award for curricular innovation

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Quality Management in Health Care


The Duncan Neuhauser Award for curriculum Innovation is presented annually at the Academy for Healthcare Improvement meeting. The award recognizes education providers that show innovation and improvement in advancing skills in health care. Duncan B. Neuhauser, PhD, a Senior Editor with the Quality Management in Health Carejournal is a Professor of Health Services Research and the Charles Elton Blanchard Professor of Health Management at Case Western Reserve University. Dr Neuhauser has devoted his working life to the science of the improvement of health care and has served as a pioneer in the development of curriculum to promote health care improvement. The 2015 first place recipient was Educating Pharmacists in Quality (EPIQ) developed by the Pharmacy Quality Alliance. EPIQ was developed as a quality improvement education resource for use by pharmacy faculty and other professionals to teach students pharmacists, pharmacists, and other stakeholders about measuring, reporting, and improving quality in pharmacy practice. EPIQ has been integrated into more than 20 doctor of pharmacy curricula and has been used as part of employee training programs. Students and faculty members who have used the program have indicated via surveys that the program has a positive impact on awareness and knowledge of quality improvement in pharmacy.

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