Assessing student perceived outcomes for a Methods Television (MTV) video project in a research methodology class

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Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning


Objectives: To (1) assess the outcomes of making a Methods Television (MTV) video on student perceptions, and (2) evaluate how students learn best in a research methods class. Methods: Pharmacy students enrolled in a research methods class (n = 93) were given the option to create an educational MTV video. Teams (n = 15) were randomly assigned a research methodology topic and three objectives for the video. All students in attendance on the last day (n = 88) completed an attitudinal questionnaire designed to assess students' perceptions regarding the class and MTV video projects. Results: Students indicated that multiple activities helped them learn the most in class (i.e., in-class assignments, homework); 51% stated that videos helped improve their knowledge of research methods and 52% indicated it was entertaining. Conclusion: More than half of the students indicated that the MTV videos helped with their understanding of research methods, an indication that the project goal was reached. © 2010 Elsevier Inc.

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