The use of a scholarship committee to foster scholarly growth of pharmacy practice faculty

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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education


Objective. To evaluate the perceived impact of a pharmacy practice scholarship committee. Methods. A cross-sectional survey instrument was developed and distributed to all department faculty members to determine: (1) the perceived effect of the Pharmacy Practice Scholarship Committee activities on scholarship attitudes, interest, and ability; (2) the effect of Committee activities on the number and types of scholarship activities performed by department faculty members; and (3) how the Committee could better meet the scholarship needs of the Department. Results. All department faculty members completed the survey instrument (N = 36). Respondents perceived: (1) improvement in attitude toward scholarship, (2) increased interest in scholarship, (3) increased scholarship activity, and (4) improved scholarship ability as a result of attending scholarship forums. Conclusions. Committee activities appear to have changed faculty attitudes toward scholarship and faculty members report they have been inspired to begin and continue scholarly projects. The quantity and quality of projects will continue to be evaluated.



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