Pharmacist and physician perception of barriers to collaborative drug therapy management in Missouri

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Journal of Interprofessional Education and Practice


Background: Collaborative drug therapy management (CDTM) rules were implemented in 2012 in Missouri, but community pharmacists are currently not working with physicians to implement services. Purpose: This study aims to uncover barriers to CDTM adoption by Missouri community pharmacists and outpatient physicians. Methods: A nine question, cross-sectional survey was mailed to a sample of 500 community pharmacists and 500 outpatient physicians in Missouri. Surveys were designed to assess knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs regarding CDTM. Discussion: A total of 103 community pharmacists (21.7%) and 23 outpatient physicians (4.7%) completed the survey. Pharmacists identified concerns about operational barriers such as time (93.2%), and reimbursement for services (80.6%). Physicians indicated concern with clinical risks, including potential disconnect between providers (70%) and inadequate pharmacist training (63.6%). Conclusions: Demonstration of clinical abilities and development of working relationships with physicians is important for the implementation of CDTM. Development of standardized reimbursement models and workflow models should be further evaluated.



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