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The purpose of the Faculty Research Incentive Program is to reward faculty for sustained externally funded productivity and scholarly activities. This program will stimulate scholarly activity associated with performing externally funded research in all units.

As a means of encouraging active participation in competing for extramural support for research projects, University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis (UHSP) has developed guidelines for an incentive program (the “Program”) for faculty. The Program permits, within limits under the Program, a choice between a salary supplement or the establishment of a designated, discretionary research expense account to eligible principal investigators (PI) who have been awarded a competitive research grant or contract from outside funding sources and, according to the Program, who have earned a right to the funds. The Program is not a contract and is subject to change, with or without notice, at the University’s sole discretion.

All full-time faculty who have secured extramural funds while maintaining their other scholarly responsibilities are eligible for the Program.

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