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University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy in St. Louis (UHSP) is classified as a “small quantity generator” of hazardous waste by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (MoDNR) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These agencies enforce the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act of 1984, which requires a “large quantity generator” to certify that it has a program in place to reduce the volume and toxicity of waste generated to the degree it has determined to be economically practicable (RCRA Sections 3002(b) and 3005(h)).

Waste Minimization is necessary in order to minimize present and future threats to human health and the environment. Consistent with our sustainability efforts, UHSP has developed a Waste Minimization Plan although not required by our small quantity generator status. The RSC Waste Minimization Plan presents guidelines that can be used by Univeristy personnel to reduce the amount and toxicity of wastes generated at UHSP. While Plan procedures described below are voluntary, participation from UHSP personnel is expected to reduce our impact on our environment, generation of hazardous materials, and byproducts.

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Environmental Health & Safety