A qualitative evaluation of a Nudgeathon event for the co-design of sexual health campaign images targeting overseas-born men who have sex with men

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Sexual Health


Background: Additional approaches to HIV prevention and management, such as Nudgeathons, are required to increase access to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) among overseas-born men who have sex with men (MSM). Methods: In September 2021, we conducted a 4-h online Nudgeathon, wherein four teams co-designed behaviourally informed adverts to improve PrEP access and uptake for overseas-born MSM. After the Nudgeathon, eight of 17 invited Nudgeathon attendees were interviewed about their experience. We conducted a qualitative content analysis of interview data to highlight participants' experiences of the co-design process. Results: We identified three major themes: (1) what worked well; (2) group dynamics; and (3) improvement and future directions. The Nudgeathon about PrEP was a positive learning experience, with valuable contributions and overall satisfaction with the end-products. The online format was perceived as less costly than if the Nudgeathon was hosted in person, and suitable for participants from different geographical regions. In-person Nudgeathons with international attendees would require costs for flights, accommodation, function room hire and catering. Within groups, sharing personal experiences essential to co-designing concepts. However, less information on how to create nudges and more information before the Nudgeathon was preferred. Conclusion: Our evaluation finds that Nudgeathons are fast and efficient in developing potential solutions to complex issues related to HIV prevention.

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