Cellulose-based lateral flow device for low-cost point-of-care blood coagulation monitoring

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International Conference on Nanotechnology for Renewable Materials 2018


1. Introduction to no-reaction lateral flow assay (nrLFA) device • Consists of sample pad, analytical membrane and wicking pad; paper-based and low-cost 2. Properties of various analytical membranes, SEM images of nitrocellulose membranes 3. Reproducibility of nrLFA device using various body fluids (whole blood, plasma, artificial sweat, etc.) • t ≥ 60 s, CV < 7% for ail fluids; t ≥ 80 s, CV ∼1.5% for RBC component in whole blood 4. Effect of hematocrit (Hct) and sample volume on fluid transport in nrLFA device • Larger Hct results in shorter RBC distance in nrLFA (monotonie); minimum sample volume: 20 μL 5. nrLFA device for blood coagulation monitoring • Stronger coagulation results in shorter RBC distance in nrLFA (monotonie); better detection range and linearity than fibrintimer 6. Clinical trial of nrLFA device with patients on anticoagulation therapy • nrLFA capable to statistically distinguish blood coagulation between patients with different INR 7. Blood coagulation nrLFA in veterinary applications.

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