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University of Health Sciences & Pharmacy in St. Louis (UHSP) recognizes the value of work location flexibility and utilizes this approach, when deemed appropriate, as part of its workforce staffing and planning strategies. Existing UHSP staff remote work policies and faculty remote work guidelines address data security, communications, management and approval processes for remote workforce management, but do not address how UHSP determines and approves these new business locations. This policy addresses work location factors, including business registration, tax matters, worker’s compensation, and other employment factors used in the decision-making process regarding approval for new work locations in municipalities, states and/or countries. In addition, this policy includes requirements for changes in location and taxation, as well as an approval process when an employee requests to work outside of the campus and established business location. Current states UHSP operates in as workplaces are Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas.

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Employee Work Location Form.pdf (116 kB)
Employee Work Location Form